Healthy & Creamy

Asparagus Soup

This no-cream asparagus soup is a healthy soup that comes together quickly with fresh vegetables and simple seasoning.

Dairy-free & Gluten-free


you'll need

Let's prep the veggies ->

Coarsely chop or break them into smaller pieces

Finely chop garlic & coarsely chop the onion & sweet potato

Wash & pep the baby spinach

In a large pot, sauté garlic and onions for 2 minutes until fragrant. Season with a tad of salt.


Stir in asparagus and cook for 4-5 minutes—season with a tad of salt and black pepper.


Add the sweet potatoes, water, and bouillon cubes. Bring to a steady simmer over medium-high heat.


Cook for 15 minutes, pot half-covered or until potatoes are soft. Lower heat, if needed to maintain a steady simmer.


Stir in spinach and cook for a few minutes or until wilted.


Puree the soup until you have a creamy consistency using a hand blender or stick blender.


Add the almond meal. It's a delicious way to add extra creaminess & make the soup a tad thicker!


Stir until completely absorbed by the soup. Season with extra salt or black pepper to taste.


Serve hot and garnish with reserved asparagus tops, a boiled egg cut in half, and avocado slices!

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